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About Me

MoonK is a Korean-Canadian potter, painter and crafter.
Graduated the Major Field of Craft Arts Ceramic Arts from the Division of Fine Arts ,College of Arts of Dong-A University. 

She worked at an Art school as a teacher in Korea and Canada.


My name is Moon Kyung Kim, and I am a South Korean who moved to Canada 2011. I have been passionate about art and design for as long as I can remember. My mother was a huge influence for me, as she is an artist herself and encouraged me to be creative and artistic from a very young age. As a kid, I was especially interested in making and molding things with my hands, which ultimately led to me passion for pottery and ceramics. 

I pursued my passion for art and design into university, where I got my Fine Arts degree with a major in craft and pottery. While studying at university, I knew that art and pottery was more than just a hobby or passion, I knew I wanted to someday build a business through it.

My formal training as a potter in Korea, and my experience with the arts scene here in Canada has defined the signature style for my pottery. My approach to pottery is Korean style, with Canadian inspiration. With each piece I make I strive to showcase a bit of my Korean heritage. I make tableware and art pieces familiar to Canadians (coffee mugs, butter dishes, vases, etc.), but I decorate them with traditional Korean patterns and designs that symbolize good fortune, prosperity, good health and happiness. I am happy to introduce Korean styled designs and traditions to you.

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