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Pottery gallery

MoonK Studio offers a wide selection of unique handmade pottery and ceramic pieces. Using high temperuture clays from Western Canada and a range of crafting techniques, including wheel-throwing and hand building, MoonK creates functional tableware and unique art pieces that blend Korean-style with Canadian inspiration. Pieces feature traditional Korean patterns, floral designs and vivid colours.

MoonK Studio produces four pottery collections, with unique styles and inspirations:
Korean Collection:
This collection takes inspiration from Korean traditional art. Pieces are decorated with traditional Korean patterns and designs that symbolize good fortune, prosperity, good health and happiness. All pieces are handmade and carved, and use white clay covered in black under glaze to produce contrasting patterns.
Rustic Collection:
This collection takes inspiration from nature. Pieces are handmade and decorated to represent nature’s most beautiful patterns, including mountains and flowers. Pieces are made from brown clays and use natural coloured glazes.
Abstract Collection:
This collection takes inspiration from my fine art painting. Pieces are decorated with vivid under glazes to produce contemporary pieces that bring a flavor of fine art to functional tableware.
Items list (the following items are produced in all of the abovementioned collections):
·      Drinkware: Teacups, coffee mugs, teapots, tea strainers and coasters.
·      Dinnerware: Bowls and plates of various sizes and shapes.
·      Serving pieces: Butter dishes, sauce dishes, cheese and charcuterie boards, platters, spoon rests, hot plates.
·      Art pieces: Vases, ornaments, candle holders.

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